BWGV International Matchplay-Trophy / 2. German International Youth Challenge 2024

04.-07.07.2024 - GC Reischenhof

Baden-Württemberg Golf Association

The Baden-Württemberg Golf Association (BWGV) is a member of the German Golf Association (DGV) and the Regional Association of all golf clubs and golf course operators in Baden-Württemberg. On 18th January 1975 the BWGV was founded by eleven representatives of different golf clubs in Baden-Württemberg on the occasion of a DGV meeting at the “Hotel Nassauer Hof” in Wiesbaden.

As stakeholder and partner to its members, the BWGV is also the representative and supporter of golf sports in Baden-Württemberg. As service provider he wants to ensure optimal support and advice of its members by using internal and external resources. He stands for competence, progress and cooperation. Furthermore, the BWGV stands for fair play, sportsmanship, fun and gladness of the game in sense of the "Spirit of the Game". This means that honesty, consideration, discipline, courtesy, sportsmanship and a game according to the rules is a basic requirement.

The main priority of the BWGV is to gain sportive endurable success by using forwarding-looking and innovative structures in sports. Therefore, the top priority is “to inspire young people to golf and to assist them in the best possible way”.

From the early age of eight years talents are encouraged to join the "Förderkader I" and later on "Förderkader II". Children and adolescent, who make the step from the "Entwicklungskader I" to the "Landeskader" (former D4-squad) are candidates for the national team for years. In order that our talents in Baden-Württemberg can compete with the best at their age and develop themselves in the early years, the BWGV initiated the first BWGV International Matchplay-Trophy (imt) in 2010.

The imt is supposed to become the “Stepping Stone” within the European Youth Golf, giving young talents an opportunity to gain experience by the tournament and helping them qualify for the huge tournaments. The idea is to make our talents not only the best of today, but with the accordant tournament experience also the best of tomorrow!

imt – Power, Passion, Emotion - experience your potential!

Thank you!

We would like to thank all partners and sponsors of the International Matchplay-Trophy. It is your ongoing support that has enabled us to create the imt – a stage for top-class, international junior golf in Baden-Wuerttemberg – and to keep on developing it.

Main Sponsor

BWGV International Matchplay-Trophy / 3. German International Youth Challenge 2023

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